Let’s Take a Shower & Restart!!

Water is THE CORE of life, the beginning of everything. Often we forget to appreciate it until we become thirsty or dirty. I am terrible when it comes to drinking water, I barely even drink 0,5 L a day. I have to change my habit and now I know I will.


Right after I woke up this morning I went jogging around the block and I forgot to drink any liquid before my run. I’m rarely thirsty (hardly ever), so it’s not a miracle I forgot. As I was coming back, I felt nausea and dizziness climbing the stairs to reach my apartment on the 6th floor. I got scared I’ll pass out. I didn’t do any spectacular training this time, I was just completely dehydrated. I promised myself then: I will never forget to drink water again! I even bought myself a little fancy bottle online to make my water drinking more fun. Yes, I know, it’s stupid, but I’m willing to try everything.

When I finally got a little better, I decided to take a shower. I was still pale and felt weak, my strong heartbeat was the only thing I could hear in the silence of the bathroom. Life is funny, you know. Just when you forget to appreciate it, it kicks you right back in your head, almost knocking you down to the floor (literally).

I took my cloths off and let the water fall over my head. I felt so ALIVE, like never before.


The shower has a special place in my daily routine. It is my SPA center, my RELAXATION corner, my PEACE OF QUIET in this noisy world. It is a place where I go not only to wash myself together with all of my thoughts from that day, but also a place where I can find some COMFORT and JOY being in a colorful world of my beautiful soft body care products. This is where I get lost in the fresh scents and false promises of a lifelong beauty. It is a place where I smile, where I sing, where I feel beautiful.

This time, this was also a place where I gave thanks to all the blessings in my life, a place where I cried. I felt so good being “alive” again, feeling good again. The shower saved me, refreshed me, took me back to life. It was like a baptism ritual, like a new birth, like some kind of restart of my mind. Like a second chance. I went under the shower as one person and came out as a newborn. I felt like my sins were washed away, my doubts dismissed and my questions answered. Water was my cure, my salvation.


Enjoy little things in your life because they can be so BIG if you choose to look at them that way. Simple things, everyday things. Sometimes even boring things. Don’t take them for granted because you might lose them. Make SPECIAL LITTLE RITUALS out of them. Enjoy them, embrace their EVERY MOMENT.

Be there and breathe it all in. Don’t wait until you become thirsty to appreciate water. Drink it, love it, let it flow and let it wash all of your bullshit away. Clean yourself and be naked in every possible way.

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