Sugar, Peel & Cream

I recently discovered the magic of the ancient Egyptian sugaring (depilation with sugar) and since I am going to the treatments for six months now, I can say with certainty I have never been more satisfied with any cosmetic treatment before. Even my beautician says she is delighted with my skin (and I can agree). I’ve always had a soft skin, but sugar made it perfect. I don’t struggle with any irritation or redness after the treatment and, the best part of it- I don’t have to think about my hair for a month. It is worth the pain :-).

Skin softness probably comes from genetics, but also a lot of credit goes to body care, like peeling and body cream application. Body peeling should be applied 2-3 times a week to feel the difference. The skin after it is just so amazing that you become addicted to it. I often make my own body peeling with some sugar or sea salt and I add olive oil or even better- coconut oil. It is important to know your skin type and properly treat it. You can be your own dermatologist sometimes and easily detect your skin’s reactions. If any irritation or redness appears, it is advised to stop using the product immediately. In general, the face skin is much more sensitive than body skin and it has to be treated very carefully when it comes to peeling and creams, don’t play with it. Body skin is more tolerant and therefore more opened for experiments. If you are not into making your own body peeling, you should try products from Body Shop, Rituals and Lush. You won’t be disappointed :-).

FullSizeRender 15

I tried almost every possible body lotion, cream, butter and oil on the market and I cannot say there is one perfect product out there. This is, after all, a very subjective thing, and honestly, the higher price doesn’t always mean a higher quality, often it is just a brand name that upgrades the price, just like with everything else. It is important that the product gives your skin the hydration it needs and that it stays nurtured and soft at least 4 hours after the application. I don’t like products that give me sticky or oily feeling and that’s why I avoid butters and oils on daily basis, especially in the summer. Natural coconut oil is good to use once a week as a “special spa moment” for your skin and it is advisable to apply before bedtime to avoid possible marks on cloths. I cannot imagine having a shower without body lotion afterwards. There are a lot of light summer versions that feel so refreshing, especially products with aloe vera and lemon juice, a must-have ingredients for cooling the summer heat.

Put some music on and enjoy the summer feeling. Never skip the morning shower and don’t forget to drink a lot of water when you wake up (add some cucumbers and mint for a better taste). Sing under the shower, let the water runs all over your body! Don’t be afraid of a bit colder water, be brave and try it (gradually). It is very good for blood circulation and has an anti-cellulite effect. Avoid hot shower and long hot baths because it makes your skin flabby over time. Colder shower will wake you (and your skin) up and you will immediately feel blood running through your veins. It is so good to feel alive and healthy and the morning shower is a great way to remind yourself of that every day. Apply a shower cream with kindness, take a moment to enjoy the freshness. Shower is a great place for creating your little spa centre. You can put some hair mask and let it work while you’re cleansing your face or you can put some face mask until you peel off your heels. Finish your spa treatment with a body lotion and enjoy every bit of your skin. Give your tights a little massage, feel how they’re becoming brighter and firmer every time. Feel the scents of all the magical ingredients, drown in the beauty of your own skin, follow the rhythm of your curves. Your body is so special and unique, nobody else owns such a body. Learn to appreciate it and love it every day. Reward yourself with a little dance in front of the mirror before you put your cloths on and step into a new day with a big smile on your face :-).


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