4-Week Jogging Challenge!!

Are you ready to take a challenge with me? You don’t need any preparation or equipment, you don’t have to be in shape, it doesn’t matter how old you are and how much you weight. Everybody who are capable of walking, can participate in this challenge. Especially those who hate spending hours at the gym lifting weights. It is very easy and it takes you only 20 mins a day to complete the challenge. Let’s do this!

What are the goals?

  • better shape
  • more energy
  • weight-loss (if you want to) 
  • better digestion


What’s the plan?

We will start tomorrow, on Monday 10th July 2017 and finish with 6th August 2017.

We will train every day 20 min: easy jogging with pauses (fast walking) when necessary.

Minimum jogging period is 4 mins.

Training time=> in the morning or anytime during the day 

If you miss your training, simply do 40 mins the next day.

Along with that plan, I’ll watch my nutrition and avoid junk food and sweets, but I won’t stick to any particular diet regime. I suggest you do the same because the program will not be as affective as it should if you eat crap. Something that is also important is water, which I personally find very hard to remember, but I will give my best to drink that 8 glasses a day. It is important to drink water all day long, it doesn’t have to be precisely counted. Personalize your own meals, but do it smartly. If you don’t need to lose weight, but just want to get in shape and increase your energy level, keep your nutrition full of good quality proteins and fats (like yoghurt, cheese, meat, eggs, fish, olive oil, nuts). Give you body the fuel it needs in order to maximize the results. If you want to lose a few pounds along the way (like I do), I’ll give you some ideas for meals…


IMG_0430 3

I am not a breakfast type of person, but in the last month I got used to a habit of drinking smoothie before work. I feel refreshed afterwords and I know my body will thank me later. Or I’ll just take a big soya latte at Starbucks, depending on my mood that day. It is important to listen to your body. You don’t have to eat breakfast if you don’t want to, but if you are a breakfast type, knock yourself out! Choose some healthy proteins (eggs, cheese, yoghurt) and add some good carbs (creckers, veggies, cereals, fruit).



Avoid adding sugar and forget soft drinks. Choose a healthy lunch when you feel hungry and fill your plate with a lot of veggies, please! Many people forget the fact that there are vegetables in this world (except potatoes) and that they are made for humans to eat them. Add some meat or fish, pasta or rice, whatever you want. Don’t overeat please! There will be more food in your life, I promise. Avoid unnecessary calories like french fries and extra slices of bread. Appreciate the efforts you made with running and don’t ruin it all with bad nutrition.



I’ll try to replace my dinner with a shake I bought online (https://eu.womensbest.com/) because dinner is usually a tricky meal for me, but if you know your boundaries, eat a proper dinner when you feel hungry. The perfect choices are fish and vegetables, but if you are not into preparing fish, some plain yoghurt with chia seeds and a big bowl of fresh salad will be just fine. Add some olive oil on the top and enjoy your meal. Let it be until 8 P.M if possible and keep it low with carbs. Avoid big meals and late snacks!!

Don’t eat at least 1 hour before your run!

I will be posting new tips each week and I will be active on Instagram (“yourlifeyourbeauty”) during the challenge to keep you (and myself) motivated.

Let’s do this! Fingers crossed!!


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