Rethink Your Drink!

Of course you can drink alcohol and enjoy your large lattes, but first learn about their calories. After you drink your favorite drink, I suggest you watch other calories during the day. If you don’t, then don’t complain if your weight is still the same (or going up). If you are about to lose weight or get in shape, then choose between a glass of wine, chocolate and a late dinner. You cannot have it all. Just set priorities.

Let’s talk about alcohol first…

Baileys 44 ml 144 cal
Beer 355 ml 153 cal
Champagne 100 ml 75 cal
Cider 150 ml 74 cal
Gin 25 ml 66 cal
Jack Daniel’s 44 ml 64 cal
Jagermeister 25 ml 63 cal
Red Wine 150 ml 128 cal
Southern Comfort 44 ml 109 cal
Tequila 25 ml 28 cal
Vodka 25 ml 58 cal
Whisky 44 ml 110 cal
White Wine 150 ml 123 cal

Now, who’s a coffee fan?

Description Serving Sizes cal
Calories in Coffee, Black 1 Mug 0
Calories in Coffee, Black, 1 Sugar 1 Mug 32
Calories in Coffee, Skimmed Milk 1 Mug 15
Calories in Coffee, Skimmed Milk, 1 Sugar 1 Mug 45
Calories in Coffee, Whole Milk 1 Mug 28
Calories in Coffee, Whole Milk, 1 Sugar 1 Mug 60
Calories in Coffee, Nescafe Cappuccino serving 80
Calories in Coffee, Nescafe Cappuccino Caramel (17g) serving 72
Calories in Coffee, Nescafe Cappuccino Decaffeinated (16g) serving 68
Calories in Coffee, Nescafe Cappuccino Vanilla (18.5g) serving 80

I suggest you stick to water, tea and black coffee and then occasionally enjoy a glass (or more) of your favorite drink. Juices are more than welcome if they are natural and with no added sugar. Enjoy home-made smoothies and freshly pressed vitamin bombs. Add some lemons and cucumbers to your water. Put some honey in your tea. Try a home-made ice-tea with some fresh mint leaves. Make lemonades without sugar, use maple syrup instead. Avoid artificial sweeteners. If you like soft drinks, I suggest you drink them very rarely and avoid both light and normal versions. They are simply a poison for your body. Choose a sparkling water instead and add some fruit to it. Be smart, save your calories for a chocolate cake or a delicious pizza.

Don’t give up on anything, just be smart about it. Cheers to life! 🙂


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