5 Biggest Female Mistakes

1. Waiting for him to call

Since there is a phone in this world, all women seem to be infected by this disease. The ultimate truth is finally revealed in the movie “He is just not that into you”, so please watch it if you didn’t. The thing is, the guy will call you only if he is interested in either sex or, if you’re lucky, in a relationship. Btw, have you ever considered calling him? He is not the untouchable God, he is just some guy. So, if you want to know what’s going on, just call him and ask. The crown will not fall from your head. He will probably tell you a bunch of reasons why he didn’t call, so be prepared to hear the truth beneath his words. If two weeks passed since you last heard from him (but his mother didn’t die), then you must face the truth- he is not the Mr. Right you are looking for. Move on.


2. Faking orgasm & Co.

Among other stupidities that women do to please men, there is this endless circle of feeding the man’s ego with faking orgasms in order to show him that he’s done a good job. I honestly hope that we moved on to another era where this problem is no longer present. I hope there are women who ended this state of eternal dissatisfaction and that there is a new generation of men who are aware of that issue. If you are one of the living dinosaurs who still fakes it, I warn you stop doing that and start enjoying your sexuality, your body and your orgasms. Once for all. And one more thing- as long as you are thinking about your cellulite or your tummy fat when you are on top, you will never be able to enjoy your sex life. Love your body and don’t let stupid thoughts ruin moments that should be such a joy. He has to appreciate your nudity and treat you in the best way you deserve. If you’ve found that, you have a healthy sexual relationship. Don’t settle for less.

3. When “I” becomes “We”


I come from a very traditional country where women tend to forget about themselves and their lives when they get seriously engaged in a relationship or marriage. I think I was trapped in the same situation and I got all mad and depressed over time because I was losing myself in the process. The only possible way to be in a happy relationship is to keep doing your own thing and spent time alone when you can. Keep on practicing sports if this was your life before, keep on going out with your friends if this is what you used to do, keep reading if you are into books. If your partner is not able to understand your need for your space, your hobbies, your priorities and your friends, he is not the right choice. ย If two people are going to be together, they need to keep their own separate voices, their own opinions and their own dreams coexist, not let them melt away for their relationship to work. Unfortunately, in most cases, women are the ones who sacrifice a lot for their children and husbands, while men tend to keep their lives almost untouched.

4. Investing in our looks until we settle


He is coming to pick you up for a date. You are dressing up, straightening your hair, doing your make-up. After two years in a relationship, you stopped going out and you prefer staying in watching movies all night. You already gained 10 pounds and didn’t wear make-up for 10 days. Sounds familiar? I don’t know why this trend is so popular, even among young people. It is a bit sad, you have to admit. That tells me not only that women are making themselves pretty exclusively for men, but also that they spend most of their lives unhappy. It is okay if we feel good about ourselves in any condition, looking natural without make-up and all that stuff. It is amazing, but unfortunately it is often not the case. The thing is, we don’t feel the need to look pretty any more because we don’t see the reason why we should.

5. Stocking and checking his phone

If you belong to this desperate group, you hit the rock bottom, girl! Wake up and don’t humiliate yourself any longer. If there is something to talk about with your partner, then talk to him. If he is hiding something, you will probably feel it. If he doesn’t want to talk about it, you are probably right. You should think about breaking up, not play Sherlock Holmes here. The right relationship is always the true one and no matter how hard it is for you, you should move on and find someone who won’t give you any reasons for your doubts. The same applies for the opposite situation- if he is going through your stuff and checking your phone calls, open your eyes and see clearly who is the person you are with.


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