The Big Cleaning Action!

Instead of complaining and postponing, get your ass off that couch and clean the mess. And then, keep it clean. Forever! It is easier than you think…

It is not just a matter of keeping your home clean, it is also about your mind, body and general organization of your life. A messy surrounding produces a messy mind and lack of motivation. You don’t want to live like that and you are not a messy person. You just may have bad habits. And you don’t function better in a messy environment, that’s bullshit. If you are not Picasso, don’t justify your bad habits by saying it’s a “creative mess”. It will not inspire you, it will only make you nervous and restless or just passive. The point is, you have to live in a clean and tidy home because it is functional and healthy, bothย physically and mentally.


If you are a cleaning freak, you don’t have to read this. If you are, on the other hand, regularly doing your house work, but really hate it, I think you should keep on reading. For all the other regular mess creators and artists, it is mandatory.

First of all, you have to give away or throw all the things you don’t need in order to start. It means:ย get rid of all the things you don’t longer use and things that don’t mean nothing to you. You may also make somebody else very happy. I am sure you don’t wear all you cloths and make-up, old jewelry and shoes and you definitely don’t use all your dishes. Go through your stuff precisely and think about it. Think about your furniture as well. Then make room for everything you regularly use and spend time organizing that stuff in a way that suits you the best. Keep safe all the things you value and find a nice place for them to rest. Don’t be selfish and possessive about things, they are just things. Actually, nobody needs much in this life. Take time to decide what to keep and what to toss. Take one room at a time and spend organizing it for a week, then move to another room. Be smart here and don’t regret later. If you need help, ask a friend or a partner to join you. It will be more fun ๐Ÿ™‚


Next step is to start cleaning and tidying up. If you’d like to do this alone with your music, it is fine, but if you like company and/or have a lot of work to do, I suggest you invite somebody and throw a little cleaning party. Physical work is good for your mood and your daily calorie burn which are two great benefits. You just need to start, that’s the hardest part. The good news here: you need literally a moment to start, but the benefits are long-lasting.

Try with some healthy detergents and air fresheners and consider natural acids like lemon juice and vinegar, especially if you have kids and pets. Spend an hour a day cleaning if your home is really messy and your have to do a total make-over. Commit to one room at a time, just like you did with organizing things. Go crazy and clean hidden places as well, go under the beds and behind the closets. You are inhaling the dust you are living with, no matter if it’s hidden or not. Vacuum your floors and corners and wash them with a refreshing fluid. You can use essential oils as well.


Make sure you don’t make any breaks if you are cleaning for less that an hour because it is harder to continue after the break. You can also make a cleaning schedule and organize your cleaning routine after your preferences. Once you get it done and your whole apartment/house shines like a new one, it is time to enjoy it and carefully treat it. In order to keep it clean forever, schedule regular doings in duration of 20-30 min per day and you will never deal with the chaos again. You don’t need to divide your work to separate rooms if you don’t like to. Some work is more important than the other at a particular moment, so you have to be flexible. Sometimes there are things that come up unexpectedly, you cannot plan everything in advance. And then, there are things you have to do every day, like washing dishes or throw the trash. It is useful, though, to make an approximate plan in your mind like:

Monday= Laundry (wash dirty and sort dried cloths)

Tuesday= Floors (vacuum and wash them after)

Wednesday= Bathroom (clean the toilet, bath tube or shower, change the towels, etc.)

Thursday= Bedding (change the sheets and wash the dirty ones)

Friday= Kitchen (clean the oven and kitchen appliances,ย thoroughly clean all the surfaces)

Saturday= Ironing (it is practical to iron the cloths you’re planning to wear next week)

Sunday= Chill-out day ๐Ÿ™‚


Now, the hardest part is over, but you have to stay persistent in keeping your home clean. Don’t mess it all up. Remember how much effort you spent getting things done in the first place. Now appreciate that effort and spend that 20 minutes each day cleaning. It is so much better than 4 hours every month, don’t you think? Take it as your off-time, a time when you can clear your mind, without thinking about anything, just listen to music and enjoy it. Take it positively and just do it, get it over with. It will soon become your new habit and more importantly, you will feel much better.

And one more thing: include your man in these activities if you haven’t already. If he is not paying you, there is no reason why you should give him the cleaning service. If he doesn’t want to be involved because you “do it better” or he “doesn’t have time”, seriously consider hiring someone who will do it for you. You are nobody’s maid, girl! Cleaning is supposed to be fun and it’s supposed to be a shared activity, not a domestic slavery.

So, let’s dance, sing and clear that mess together! ๐Ÿ™‚






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