Say Thanks to the Mother Nature

Next morning when you wake up, try this: open your window and look at the sky, breathe deeply the freshness of the morning air. Then close your eyes and listen. Just listen to the sound of your surrounding. Are there any birds singing in the park? Do you hear children playing? Neighbours listening to the radio? Cars driving by? Be aware of that moment and just breathe it all in. Be grateful for being a part of this. See it, hear it, smell it, enjoy it, admire it. You will start your day with a fresh air in your lungs and, most importantly, with a gratitude, the essential part of your happiness.


Enjoy the nature in every form, every time you get a chance to. No matter where you live, find a quite place outside, a place where you can go to every time you need some peace and quite. Go for a walk or take a bike ride somewhere outside the city crowd. Just admire the silence of the nature for a few moments, see how calming and powerful it is. Look at the logical pace of the nature, how the circle of life is happening there, how everything has its own place and purpose. Human lives are filled with stress and problems, so distant from the nature in every possible way. We are constantly running towards something, torturing ourselves with expectations in the endless lack of time and satisfaction. Trapped in boundaries of our own lives, we are escaping balance all the time, every day.


Mother Nature on the other hand, is always relaxedย the way she is, always in peace and balance, gracefully observing all of us, until she gets really angry because we are messing with her balanced circle. Itย seems like she is laughing at us, looking at our small problems and bad habits, our poor and miserable sins. We are her little rebellious children and she has the power to give us precious gifts, to cure us, to feed us, but at the same time, to smash us all together in a second, making everything and everyone disappear.


That’s why we need to respect and appreciate her blessings every day. The best way to begin is always with awareness and gratitude that lead to a balanced lifestyle. Go back to yourself and start there. Listen to your body and get it as close to its natural balance as possible. Your body is a nature’s creation and it should coexist with nature, not working against her. Everything humans created is pulling us further, only creating grief and anger, addiction and dissatisfaction. Try to go back to the basics of your existence, try to think about the moments you were happy just because you are alive and healthy. Go back to that. Say thanks to the food on your table every day.ย  Don’t take it for granted. Say thanks to the sun and the rain, they enable fields to produce food, flowers to bloom, plants to produce oxygen, animals to survive…


Do everything to keep the peace and gratitude inside yourself, calmness with your own body and your life. Eat healthy bio food when you get the chance, walk as much as you can, use alternative medicine whenever possible and don’t pollute nature with your wrong choices and bad behaviour. Meditate when you lose balance, smile with your heart and keep an open mind. And don’t forget to visit the Big Mama once in a while… just to say thank you, without disturbing her own rhythm, letting her bloom and spread her wings in her own silence.


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