Good immunity and happy mood during the cold days

Winter can be really tricky for those who don’t care about their health, living a bad lifestyle, prone to depressive moods as soon as the sun comes down. Energy levels are lower and the immunity system needs an extra boost. That’s why we tend to sleep longer and spend more time at home trying to regain energy with extra sugar, coffee and fat intake. Nobody wants to get sick, but it often happens as a consequence of irresponsible behavior towards our bodies if we don’t decide to change something. There is no need for drastic lifestyle changes. Only a few smart decisions can prevent us from feeling bad and getting sick during the cold winter days and nights. Here are some useful tips…


1.ย Start your day with a cold-warm shower! It is amazing how water magically lifts your energy level in a second. In order to start-up your metabolism and improve your blood stream, try moderate between warm and cold shower. It may seem crazy in the early winter morning, but you will feel like a Wonder Woman after you survive this! You skin will be tight, your blood with rush through your veins, you will feel fresh and healthy and sooo alive. There is no coffee that could wake you up like this!

2. Perform a double skin care! No matter the skin type, you have to take care of your face and body according to the temperature outside. You skin needs hydration as usual, but additionally, it needs extra nurture and oil because the wind and the low temperatures may harm your skin cells and cause redness and irritation. The skin can get really itchy and sensitive. To prevent that, choose richer moisturizer and body oil. The perfect ingredients for winter skin care are: almond oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter and olive oil. Apply products twice a day to keep your skin soft and safe. Hand cream is a must-have and don’t forget the sun screen for face even though it’s winter!

3. Don’t forget to drink enough water! It is important to stay hydrated even though you don’t feel as thirsty as during the summer heat. If you don’t like pure water, add some lemon to it. It is a great mood upgrader and a fabulous immunity booster. With just one glass of lemon water in the morning, you’ve already done half a deal.


4. Smoothies with ginger for breakfast! Winter days bring a lot of celebrations which is great and shouldn’t be avoided. Enjoy the holiday season, celebrate life, enjoy the food and don’t worry about the calories. In order to welcome the New Year without extra pounds and the guilty feeling, drink smoothies for breakfast. They will not only prevent you from getting sick and fat by the end of the year, they will also give you the energy you need to “survive” those long party nights. Ginger should be the most popular ingredient in all your smoothies, combined with fresh fruits and veggies of your choice :-). Play with colors and vitamins and definitely try combinations including apples, citrus fruits, berries and spinach.

5. Spend time in the fresh air! Even though it’s hard to leave the warm blanket and go outside, you will feel great and full of energy when you return after only a short walk in the fresh winter air. Don’t forget to put a warm jacket on, together with a pair of gloves and a thick scarf.

6. Soups and stews for lunch! Every time you get a change, grab a bowl of soup and hit it without a shame. Everything warm and liquid with vegetables cannot be a bad choice. Choose whatever you like: zucchini, onions, tomatoes, pumpkin, beans… and add some meat or fish to it if you want to. Instead of creamy instant soups, better go with naturally made clear soups with real ingredients.

woman with tea

7. Don’t avoid tea! There is a great variety of choice, so try to find the flavor you like and drink it not only when you feel sick, but every day. Stick to natural herbs and find time for enjoying your tea time. Your body will be heated and you will instantly feel calmed and healthier. If you don’t enjoy in the pure tea taste, feel free to add some natural honey or cinnamon.

8. Add garlic to your dinner!ย Even though it doesn’t smell beautiful, it does beautiful things to your immunity. Combine it with vegetables and olive oil, add it to your salad or your soup or, if you are brave enough, eat it with a bit honey, like a pill. It is literally not possible to get sick with a piece of garlic every day. Besides, your metabolism will instantly jump and your whole body will be warmed up.

9. Sleep enough, but not too much! Winter nights are long and dark, but it doesn’t mean you should take afternoon naps after work in front of TV and then switch to bed after 10 PM. It is not the right way humans suppose to function. Our ancestors were hunting animals to survive the winter nights without heating systems, without warm houses and beds, without TV and without fast food. Of course they were healthy. We are living humans and we are supposed to move and live actively, no matter the weather conditions. Sleep is important, but you won’t get any quality sleep if you don’t move enough during the day. So live actively and then sleep for 7-8 hours in peace. Trust me, you won’t think about depression nor will you have any sleeping problems.


10. Spa & bubble bath for a fabulous week closure! Definitely my favorite part of the winter body care are bubble baths with candles. I use that time for relaxation and calming after a stressful day. I suggest you don’t practice hot baths too often in order to avoid floppy skin and bloodstream problems, but once a week enjoy the pleasure. You deserve it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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