The Secrets of Mediterranean Beauty (Part 1.)

I often travel back to my homeland Croatia and what I especially love is when I get a chance to to travel south to the cost of the Adriatic sea, called Dalmatia. I am amazed by its beauty every single time, over and over again. The calmness of the sea surface and the smell of the soft breeze bring me to the inner peace like nothing else. The symbiosis of the nature and people, especially in small towns on the seaside, is something precious. Summers are amazing there, but I enjoy the periods out of high season even more, when there’s not lot of tourists moving around and when the real beauty of it all comes out in a big style. I love the heavenly tasting food and wine, I love their small traditional restaurants, I love drinking coffee in the warm sun. I love stories of old fishermen I hear passing by, I love the easiness of life there and how, all of a sudden, everything seems so simple. I love the specific accent of the residents and the way they talk to each other, the way they behave…


The fruitful nature is the real fortune of Dalmatians, I think they are not even aware of that blessing sometimes. I know I’ll move to Croatia again one day, I just have to…

The thing that makes me really happy is staring into the infinite blue sea, that endless view where problems disappear and you achieve the feeling of freedom and joy, just like seagulls that fly around. I love the colorful endless sky in the afternoon when the late sun is drowning in the deep of mysterious azure. I adore the sound of waves, their rhythm and the freshness they bring to the shore.  If I could choose where I’d spend my last days in this life, I would definitely choose a small town in beautiful Dalmatia. I would choose that freedom, that blue endlessness, that eternal sunshine. And I’d just stare into that beauty to remember it and to hold it on forever.

I want to share a small part of that world with you and discover some Mediterranean secrets of eternal beauty and health that I’ve learned, so that you can incorporate a bit of that heaven into your daily life. What are the key ingredients of Mediterranean diet? What is the secret of Mediterranean women and their eternal youth? Why are the people who live there so calm and easy-going? How they manage to live so long and be so happy?

Firstly, I will present you Dalmatian nutrition secrets in this part…


Amazing Dalmatian food

You should try how fish tastes there. I mean, it is pulled directly from the clean sea, cooked or grilled, and put on your plate an hour later. Of course it tastes amazing! And I don’t want to talk about million other treasures from the sea, like shells, lobsters, crabs, octopus, squids…I am so jealous of Dalmatian people sometimes, they live in a food heaven! I know that we, other mortals, are not privileged to have such blessings every day, but we can always try to come as closer to it as possible. Visit fish markets and search for some high quality sea fish or just go to a grocery store and buy a frozen fish or sea fruit, but make sure it is not some kind of fried industrial bullshit, but a real sea animal that actually once lived in a real sea. Replace meat with fish every time you get a chance to. Make it your top grocery and love it, don’t avoid it. You can eat it with vegetables, in a soup, in a salad, in your pasta…

Important ingredients that are must-have in every Dalmatian recipe are garlic, olive oil and lemon. The fish and sea fruit combined with vegetables and olive oil provide a whole nutrition for a long and healthy lifetime. It is great for digestion, for skin and the general vitality. Vegetables are always involved, mostly tomatoes and lettuce, rucola, spinach and olives. People in Dalmatia use only sea salt and add natural spices in different variations. Proteins, vegetables and healthy fats are the core of Dalmatian diet, everything else is just an addition. That’s why they are so fit and hardly ever get fat. They eat fast food almost never (nothing is fast in Dalmatia) and they drink a lot of water. They eat slowly and enjoy their meals for hours…

Everything is organic, the food is chosen seasonally, grown locally and prepared with love. Sugar is never added without a reason and wine is regularly to find in many dishes. Drinking wine is a special ritual and the choice of wine goes along with the choice of food making a perfect combination. They often eat citrus fruits and enjoy home-made deserts, often made with almonds, figs and honey. They eat healthy carbs in moderation, like cooked potatoes, sometimes combined with chard, and a home-made bread, dipped in some olive oil to circle the pleasure.

There are million versions of delicious Dalmatian recipes and here are some of them. I found videos that will teach you something about the culture and tradition and hopefully, inspire you to cook healthier. Even though the recipes may not be for everyone, they are definitely a good source of tips you could incorporate in your diet. So, sit back, relax and enjoy…


Stay tuned and discover other secrets of Mediterranean beauty in the Part 2.

Coming soon…

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