The Secrets of Mediterranean Beauty (Part 2.)

Except the amazing healthy food I talked about in the part 1, there is something more to it that makes Mediterraneans so healthy, young and beautiful, inside and out. Maybe we all should, no matter where we live, incorporate a bit of their mediterranean spirit in our daily lives. We could definitely learn something from them…

  1. Easy-going attitude and life without stress

I observed the lifestyle of people living in Dalmatia and I thought how different it is from the northern way of life. It may be something in the sea air, maybe in the summer heat or in their genetics that makes them so chilled and easy-going, so resistant to stress and anxiety and all the other diseases of the western civilizations. Dalmatia, especially middle and south, seems like a separate world where people make their own rules and don’t care about the rest of the Earth. Their days are governed by their moods and their will, maybe even by the wind direction or the sea level :-). It is funny, but really, the smell of the sea and the lavender in the air brings you to another state of calmness that is hard to reach in the western world. There is a word in Dalmatian dialect that perfectly describes their mentality the term “fjaka”= a feeling of an afternoon relaxed mood or even a bit lazy tiredness,ย  caused by a particular reason (sun, sea, food..) or simply, by no reason. They just don’t feel like working at that time and they enjoy the luxury of doing absolutely nothing, just because they can. Of course they age slower! The weather forecasting is a very popular hobby there, especially among older people. They could tell you the stories about the weather since 1930s till now. They don’t just live longer, they stay wise, vital and mentally sharp for a long time.


2. Walks and vitamin D

Mediterraneans that I’ve got a chance to meetย are not very much into sports, but they are walking a lot and spending their time outside every chance they get, hanging out with their friends and families on the beach or drinking coffee on terraces of their favorite cafes absorbing vitamin D through almost the whole year. They are lucky to have such a great weather that definitely makes them happier than Northerners.

3. The sea and the sea air

Their biggest blessing is definitely the healing power of the sea. Swimming is the best recreation ever, it forms and straightens all of your muscles and shapes your body in a spectacular ways. Besides, the sea is the best skin freshener and renewer. It heals your wounds and purifies your pores. It is the natural inhaler for cleaning your respiratory system. The sea air is a powerful medicine for damaged lungs and breathing difficulties. Spending time by the sea and in the sea is the best cure for depression, anxiety and restlessness of any kind. It simply cleans your body, improves your mood, gives you the best quality food in the world and in, a way, even mends your soul.


4. Olive oil for skin care

The number 1 secret of the youthful mediterranean skin is the pure olive oil. Mediterranean beauties have always used it: for healthy tanning, for body/face peeling (with the sea salt), as a body/face oil, as a hair oil…It’s the essential ingredient in many cosmetic products and you should definitely incorporate it in your daily skin care and, of course, in your daily diet. Very important: always choose an organic oil, not the processed one.

olio di oliva con sfondo verde

5. Social life

Especially in villages and small mediterranean towns, it is easy to notice the natives among the tourists. They hang out in their own circles, among their families and friends, often talking loud. They are very temperamental, very emotional. Women are usually accompanied by men and children or female friends and they are all looking very feminine. One of the most popular Mediterranean towns, especially when it comes to beautiful women (and men) is definitely- Split. On weekends, there is a fashion show happening on the promenade. Women and men are walking by the sea with their sunglasses, showing their stylish outfits, their amazing bodies and their new hairstyles. It is the top event in town, every week. They are commenting each other, making assumptions, discussing relationships, friendships and love statuses of others. They just love to talk and drink coffee for hours. Well, it is not just Dalmatia, the whole Croatia is the same in this matter :-). What makes the Southerners different in the social aspect is definitely a better sense of humor (or even sarcasm). They are laughing a lot, they are singing a lot, they are talking a lot. They enjoy their lives fully and they never put their work ahead of their leisure time.

6. Traditional values

Family gatherings around the table, church on Sundays, marriage and raising children are very important Dalmatian life values. They contribute to stability and duration of people’s lives because those religious and social customs are deepening the feeling of belonging and give people the purpose of their existence. Strong social bonds and moral values are more important than business relationships based on profit and this is very clear to those people. Women aim to marriage and love, they are not into one night stands and fulling around. They are proud and strong women, mothers, lovers, daughters, wives, grandmothers… They are the carers, the providers, the fighters. They are the core of their families and thus, the core of society.


Think about the mediterranean mentality and lifestyle, about those values and habits. See the beauty in simplicity, go back to the basics of your existence and think about what is really important in your life. Eat clean, respect your body and its natural needs, provide it with the high quality ingredients like fish and organic vegetables. Add olive oil to your meals every chance you get to (and keep one small bottle in your bathroom). Respect people in your life, give love and try to keep the fundamental moral values that often seem to be forgotten in this crazy world of cosmetic surgeries, social media obsession, additions, hidden depressions, false relationships and the lack of time for true life pleasures.

In the end, enjoy a happy dalmatian song and its beautiful video to make a better impression of what I was talking about…

Love life, smile, sing and stay positive ๐Ÿ™‚

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