The Secrets of Mediterranean Beauty (Part 1.)

I often travel back to my homeland Croatia and what I especially love is when I get a chance to to travel south to the cost of the Adriatic sea, called Dalmatia. I am amazed by its beauty every single time, over and over again. The calmness of the sea surface and the smell of the soft breeze bring me to the inner peace like … Continue reading The Secrets of Mediterranean Beauty (Part 1.)

Good immunity and happy mood during the cold days

Winter can be really tricky for those who don’t care about their health, living a bad lifestyle, prone to depressive moods as soon as the sun comes down. Energy levels are lower and the immunity system needs an extra boost. That’s why we tend to sleep longer and spend more time at home trying to regain energy with extra sugar, coffee and fat intake. Nobody … Continue reading Good immunity and happy mood during the cold days

The Soulmate

People are searching their whole lives for their soul mates without even rethinking its meaning. The general assumption is that it is supposed to be your “perfect match”, your perfect lover, the “One”. If we split the term “soul mate”, we can discuss definitions of the both words separately and understand the whole concept better. Definitions of a soul are: „The principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part.“ ( … Continue reading The Soulmate

How to spend time alone?

The rituals you create by yourself just because they make you happy are a big part of your identity building and development. Get to know yourself. Explore your soul and feed it with the moments of pure joy, freedom and silent solitude. Think about your dreams, plan your future, read, listen to the music, watch movies, talk to yourself. It is equally important as hanging … Continue reading How to spend time alone?